Production and Sales of EPS by Tri-Ring Breaks New Record


In November, production and sales of EPS by Tri-Ring exceeded 10,000 units, not only creating a new high in 2015, but also laying a solid foundation for EPS production and sales in 2016.


As early as October 2010, the company began the development of EPS technology. The start of EPS production in September 2014 took a key step in the company’s strategy of “Adjusting the Structure,  Improving the Level, Achieving the Internationalization”.


Against the background of slowing growth in China's automobile market, new energy automobile steering gear products represented by EPS have taken a big step forward.


In order to meet the needs of the market and firmly grasp the market opportunities, the company is expanding its production capacity of PES. After the completion of the project,  EPS capacity of the company will be increase by 200,000 sets per year.