Satisfaction evaluation system

1. The company establishes a customer satisfaction survey method in accordance with the "Customer Satisfaction Control Procedure", which involves distributing questionnaires to customers and conducting process performance statistics. It objectively listens to customers' voices from four dimensions of product quality, delivery, price and communication, formulate measures to improve customer satisfaction in time.


2. The final customer satisfaction score ,comprehensive evaluation based on the proportion specified in the document, the survey results shall be organized, counted, and analyzed by a dedicated person. For customer dissatisfaction projects, based on their own problems, take active listening and effective communication to achieve the consensus of both parties and deepen the internal and external causes of customer dissatisfaction. A "Customer Satisfaction Survey Report" shall be issued within the company, and relevant departments shall be instructed to carry out rectification to eliminate customer dissatisfaction. Through positive and continuous improvement to enhance customer satisfaction, promote alignment with customers in order to exceed expectations.