About Us

Corporate Culture

1. OUR MISSION: Devote to steering technology, Strive for excellent quality
 Devote to steering technology:Under the guidance of Hubei Tri-Ring Group's "Adjusting the Structure,  Improving the Level, Achieving the Internationalization" strategy,    Tri-Ring steering gear focuses on the technological research and development of automotive steering systems, strives to improve the technological value of products, and creates a scientific and standardized all-in-one streamline procedures for production, marketing, and after-sales service, produces and sells automotive steering products that are reliable in quality, environmentally friendly, comfortable to operate, and meet customers’ requirements.

Strive for excellent quality:The company brought in advanced management concepts on the basis of fully taking our own advantages. We build a professional R&D technology team, manufacturing management team, marketing elite team, and operation management team under the strategic guidance of Hubei Tri-Ring Group. We work hard to cultivate internal skills, strict for oneself, constantly seek improvement from product quality, production and manufacturing, talent management to operation aspects, strive for excellent quality.
2. OUR VISION: Be the first choice of leading vehicle manufacturers

● Forni trademark is a well-known trademark in Hubei. We are based on innovation-driven force, devote to manufacturing high technological steering gears, provide systematic and high-quality services, and build a well-known brand image of Forni.

● Achieve the goal for providing automotive accessories for the brands which is influential, powerful, and high marketing reputation in the international and domestic markets.

● To be the prior choice of leading vehicle manufacturers

Corporate Culture

3. OUR CORE VALUE: Strength from Integrity, Wisdom from Heart, Achieve the Customers, Create the Future
Value criteria at the employee level: strength from Integrity, wisdom from Heart.
Possess ‘Three Hearts’:treat the enterprise attentively, Treat the customers attentively, Treat the shareholder attentively.

Enhance ‘Three Forces’:

● Integrate into the execution of enterprise operations

● Centripetal force to safeguard enterprise interests

● Creativity that promote the development of enterprise

Contribute to "Three Wisdoms":

● Contribute talents to the strength of the enterprise

● Contributing business intelligence to the growth of enterprises

● Make contributions to the enterprise for long-term development

4. Value goal on enterprise level: Achieve the Customers, Create the Future
 Achieve the customers:

● Based on the "three values": customers prior, customers important, and customers first

● Strive for the "three unconditional": unconditionally respect customers, unconditionally understand customers, and unconditionally care for customers

● Achieve the "Three unthought points": thinking what customers have not thought, ponder what customers have not ponder, worry what customers have not worried for the urgent issues.

Create the Future:

● Seize every moment to do well in current business for the enterprise

● Planning with innovative thinking for the future business of the enterprise