After-sale Service

1. Service commitment:

According to the delivery service requirements of each automobile company, in case of any fault during the warranty period, the user can directly contact Tri-ring for free maintenance, or repair the steering gear at the maintenance station trained by Tri-ring for free. It can also be executed according to the after-sales service agreement signed between the supporting factory and Tri-ring.


2. Service activities:

We are duty- bound to ensure the protection of major clients; We can't ignore the service provided to major customers. The Tri-ring has been providing comprehensive services for major customers through actions. 

In year 2019, the After sales Service Department of Tri-ring took the lead in implementing the new measures of "going out" and "inviting in", innovated and planned to continue to carry out proactive home visit activities for major customers.The purpose of door to door visit is to have a close contact with the company and understand the use of steering gear products in detail.Traveling all over the world, is only to closely track the use of customers and quickly solve their problems. In addition, during the visit, employees were also organized to provide training to customers. The training was divided into two parts: theoretical knowledge and actual vehicle operation. It mainly explained the maintenance of steering gear, preliminary troubleshooting and other precautions, so that customers could be familiar with the use and maintenance methods of steering gear and extend the service life. Customer training and visiting activities have received unanimous praise from customers, and the Service Department will make persistent efforts to provide customers with more intimate and satisfactory services.