Talent Concept

The Human Resources Department is one of the comprehensive management functional departments of Hubei Tri-Ring Motor Steering Gear Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company). It undertakes the company's development strategy, formulates the company's human resources plan, and implements the relevant instructions and spirit of the company's leadership. It is responsible for constructing and optimizing the company's human resources management system, structure, and incentive mechanism, and supervising the implementation of human resources management systems in various departments Preventing employment risks, reducing human resource costs, achieving a dynamic balance between the preservation and appreciation of company human resources, and human resource management, building a broad development space and platform for various talents, and providing sustained and powerful talent protection for the scientific development of enterprises is an important function.
Over the past half century of the company's development, attracting, cultivating, and utilizing talents has always been a top priority. With the increasing size of the company, it is more urgent to standardize, humanize, scientific, and information-based management of employees. We warmly welcome friends from all over the world to join us for development and embark on the dream of a "century old enterprise" together.
Our policy objective is to put people first, focus on the "four forces", and highlight the "five cadres":
Four forces: lean cohesion, technical transformation, quality awesome and cohesion.
Five tasks: benchmarking with the same desire from top to bottom, highlighting key and precise tasks, rolling up your sleeves to work hard, following the rules and doing scientific work, and dedicating yourself to practical work.
Our employment philosophy is: discerning talents with insight, attracting talents with charm, cultivating talents through mechanisms, using talents with courage, and retaining talents through culture.
Talent Concept

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